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Hello @all
Here i will show you a small Tool Called Password Generator.
Sometimes i have Problems to make a good Password so make this Program
This program Generate for you a Password.
Program | Views: 74 | Added by: Roxor | Date: 16-11-18

Hello @all
Today i will Present you my Very Simple Anti-Virus
Program is on the first stage and use for now a TXT for check file.
In the RAR-Archive you will find it ^^.
Program | Views: 72 | Added by: Roxor | Date: 16-11-18

GameCard Creator by SeryogaSK.
This Tool Create a GameCard based on your Username/Nickname for Steam/Xbox/PSN
It's for now a Beta Release. Any Bugs/Questions write here.
Program | Views: 69 | Author: SeryogaSK | Added by: Roxor | Date: 16-11-18